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While the systems governing our economy must be held accountable first and foremost, the cost of this inequitycontinuestocompound exponentially in real time, costing the average Black woman employee upwards of $900,000 over the span of a 40-year career, something we simply cannot continue to afford.


1.compound:to pay interest that is calculated on both the sum of money and the interest



Because of their evolutionary ancestry, domestic cats are, by their nature, more independent than dogs. The wild ancestors of our cats didn’t live in social groups as canines do. However, during the process of domestication, cats developed the ability to form social relationships not just with other cats, but also with people.


While they may not rely upon people to feel safe as dogs do, many cats show affection towards their guardians and seem to highly value the company of their human companions. Their attachment to humans is partly influenced by their experiences of being handled by people as a kitten. Cats

behave towards humans in the same way that they respond to theirfelinefriends, so the secret of whether your cat feels bonded to you lies in their behaviour.


The ability to communicate with other cats over long distances and when no longer physically present was an advantage to their wild ancestors. Our pet cats have retained this “supersense” and rely heavily on this form of communication. In particular, cats use scent to identify members of their social group or family, by sharing a group scent profile. Cats have scentglandson theirflanks, head and around their ears, and oftenrub their heads againstpeople and objects that are familiar and comforting.The soft sensation you feel against your calves is actually your cat identifying you as a friend and is a huge compliment.



One of the most obvious signs that your beloved pet is fond of you, is the way that your cat greets you. When cats greet members of their social group they show signals to indicate friendship and a desire to move closer. Cats also show these signals to humans.Rolling overand exposing their vulnerable under belly is another gesture that a cat has ultimate trust in you. However cats prefer to be petted on the head and neck area, so this is not usually a request for a belly rub.


Your cat might also be secretly signalling their affection in the way they look at you. When cats encounter strange humans or other cats they don’t know, they usually greet them with an unblinking stare. But they are more likely to slowly blink at cats they have a good relationship with. Research suggests slow blinks are associated with a positive emotional state and can be a sign of trust, contentment and affection, similar to a human smile.


本文节选自:Scientific American(科学美国人)




英/ ?fi?la?n /美/ ?fi?la?n /




英/ ɡl?nd /美/ ɡl?nd /



英/ fl??k /美/ fl??k /




1.rub against 摩擦

2.rolling over 翻转;翻模


原句:Research suggests slow blinks are associated with a positive emotional state and can be a sign of trust, contentment and affection, similar to a human smile.

结构:Research suggests XX are associated with XX and can be a sign of XX.

例句:Social experience shows that young people’s ability to innovate is associated with life stress and can be a sign of how active a person’s mind is.






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